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Great Barrier Reef Animals

Great Barrier Reef Animals and Marine Life

As one of the most diverse and expansive ocean habitats and ecosystems in the world, the Great Barrier Reef is home to millions of different life forms, ranging from micro-organisms all the way up to some of the largest mammals on earth. Such diversity – the ecosystem of the reef consists of over 1800 species of fish, 125 types of shark, over 4000 species of molluscs, more than 10,000 of sponges types and 350 different kinds of coral (which form the “backbone of the Great Barrier Reef) alone – makes every trip to the reef different for every person, as there is no telling what marine life you’ll encounter on your trip through this stunning natural wonder of the world. From whales and dolphins to sharks and giant sea turtles to the hundreds of species of marine birds that populate the reef and its many islands, keep both open eyes and an open mind and be sure to have your camera on-hand at all times – you never know what animals you’ll find at the Great Barrier Reef. For more information on some of the main types of marine life that attract millions of visitors to the Great Barrier Reef from around the globe each and every year to feast their eyes on include: However, despite this abundance of aquatic life, the reef has become endangered by both unpredictable natural factors and the intervention of humans. Information on some of the greatest threats to the Great Barrier Reef can be found by clicking here.