Bedarra Island

A gorgeous and exclusive, privately owned luxury resort island.
A spot for honeymooners and those looking to truly indulge, if you’re after pure isolation and exclusivity during your time in the Great Barrier Reef, then a visit to privately-owned Bedarra Island is the stuff of which dreams are made. Blanketed in tropical jungle that is reminiscent of islands of a much greater distance from the Australian mainland, Bedarra Island is currently owned by the Charlton Hotel group and has been repurposed into an elite-level resort and accommodation facility.
About Bedarra Island

The island is exceedingly popular for visitors who want to get away from it all or celebrate their honeymoon without having to fly overseas.

Formerly part of the mainland, Bedarra Island become separated several thousand years ago due to rising water levels and now sits between Wheeler and Timanal Islands in a small archipelago dubbed the “Family Group” that contains islands dotted with various pristine beaches and coves interspersed intermittently between the stretches of jungle.

Those looking to travel to Bedarra Island can reach its shores via either boat or air, with semi-regular flights that run from Cairns and Townsville airports available to book. Bedarra Island is famed for its snorkelling and scuba diving conditions, and is annually ranked among various top 10 lists for destinations to take part in these activities around the world – its waters are almost invariably warm, and the island and its surrounding Great Barrier Reef ocean are filled to the brim with a diverse ecology and huge number of different species of both marine and land flora and fauna.

Diving in the nearby sea you can expect to come across such ocean dwellers as sea turtles, dugongs and even humpbacked whales during their migratory season, with plenty of birdlife calling the shores of the island their home.

People wanting to stay on the island are presented with a variety of accommodation choices – all of which are, as can be expected of such an exclusive location, very high-end – including private cottages, beach houses, retreats, villas and more, most of which can accommodate anywhere from two up to eight guests.

Almost all of the accommodation on the island provides peerless views of the beach and ocean as well as the surrounding islands that stretch out into the distance beyond, a reflection of how untouched and well-preserved Bedarra Island has been due to concerted conservation efforts that have been undertaken over its history of ownership.

Originally the property of renowned artist Noel Wood, Bedarra Island has undergone several changes of ownership over the years, yet individual or group has shown great respect and appreciation for the inherent beauty of the island and efforts to maximise its sustainability including conserving water resources, consumption of electricity and processing of waste – to name just a few.

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