Brampton Island

A former resort now caught up in limbo, paperwork and redevelopment.
Once a popular spot for honeymooners and those looking to indulge, Brampton Island was home to a resort that combined luxurious surrounds with a secluded environment that offers privacy amongst stunning surrounds. However, since its sale and subsequent re-purchase in 2011, this lovely little slice of the Whitsundays has been left in relative limbo as beaurocracy, red tape and drawn-out developer planning have left the island without a clear direction
About Brampton Island

With 12 sandy beaches, numerous walking trails and several fringing reefs, it’s a great all-round getaway island that is being mentioned as a target for a massive, 6-star, world-class resort to be built in the coming years.

Watch this space for future updates on Brampton Island’s developments.

Lying at the southern end of the world famous Whitsunday Passage and off the coast of Mackay, Brampton Island in the Great Barrier Reef is a romantic island escape, offering you plenty of fun and adventure. With crystal clear blue waters, white sand, sun drenched beaches, nature walking tracks, colourful coral gardens, picturesque views, breathtaking natural scenery, and a unique National Park, which is bordered by cobalt lagoon, Brampton Island is no less than a holiday seeker’s paradise.

It is also home to 12 world renowned beaches, seven of which can be easily explored through walking tracks. Brampton Island is a perfect destination for couples, family, friends, and honeymooners, offering everything for everyone. Brampton Island boasts a unique ecosystem, having a diverse range of unexplored flora, fauna and birds. You can come to Brampton Island for a day trip or a complete holiday and capture lifetime memories on an island where you will be greeted by melodic sounds of colourful birds.

Explore the Great Barrier Reef with many excursions and activities operating from the island’s own dock, which is a perfect base for water sports enthusiasts, where they can enjoy multiple adventure activities, including windsurfing, diving, hiking, snorkelling and sailing. If you would like to enjoy a laid-back and relaxed day in the sun, you’ll be able to lie down and sunbathe on any of Brampton Island’s the spectacular beaches.

Paddle skiing, lazing in a hammock, canoeing or sailing a catamaran are other adventure sports you can enjoy on the island. Undoubtedly the white sand tropical heaven, Brampton Island boasts seven panoramic beaches, coral reef gardens, abundant wildlife, native bush and tropical marine life, with more than 50 species of birds. There are also campsites available on the Brampton Island but you need a permit to use them.

The chance is also available to explore the spectacular island on a leisurely bushwalk. You can take guided resort walks, including night walk, garden walk, and birds and butterflies walk. You can also enjoy golf at the beach side golf course, archery, basketball, tennis, beach cricket, beach volleyball, beach badminton and aqua aerobics.

For a more relaxing and rejuvenating experience, visit The Sea Spa, which offers a wide variety of spa treatments, such as facials, massages, pedicures, manicures, men treatments and beauty treatments. Brampton Island also has a relaxing lounge area with internet facility, known as The Blue Room, which overlooks the spectacular Whitsunday Passage. History area and board games are also available for entertainment. Moreover, there are approximately 17km of walking tracks and nature trails scattered all around the Brampton Island, offering you a chance to discover the wide variety of ethnic wildlife and natural environment.

There is also no dearth of accommodation and lodging facilities on Brampton Island, which has a plethora of hotels, vacation rentals, holiday villas, vacation apartments, among other plenty of accommodations, promising to offer you a perfect holiday retreat in the Great Barrier Reef.

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