Dunk Island

Has overcome cyclones and set to relaunch as a hub of resort luxury.
Flattened by the force of Cyclone Yasi back in 2011, Dunk Island has had significant financial investment poured into its redevelopment in recent years and now sits set to launch as a new high-end, luxurious resort and pampering destination to rival that of the Whitsundays’ Qualia.
About Dunk Island

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway destination, family holiday celebration, adventure fuelled holiday or a laid back retreat, Dunk Island is one of the most spectacular tropical rainforest islands, situated approximately 4 km off the North Queensland coast on Mission Beach, between Cairns and Townsville.


A picturesque rainforest island, Dunk Island boasts a wonderful tropical environment, with palm-fringed beaches and a National Park. With an area of 1,000 hectares, Dunk Island is known as the island of peace and plenty, with its secluded beaches, thriving tropical gardens, luxurious spa treatments, rocky shores, hilly terrain, spectacular foothills, panoramic natural scenery, abundant rainforest and attractive walking tracks.

Undoubtedly a tropical island paradise, Dunk Island is a magical setting to celebrate a life event, offering you a truly romantic and magical experience. For more adventure and fun, you can explore Dunk Island either by air or by boat. For a wildlife lover, Dunk Island’s lush rainforest, dense flora and fauna offers a variety of wildlife, the blue Ulysses butterfly, mammals and about 150 species of birds, including rare and vulnerable seabirds.

The spectacular island is also home to a numerous range of reptiles, including tree snakes, skinks, pythons and geckos. You can also find a big variety of marine life in the reefs, including crabs, shellfish, sea turtles, fish, dugongs and colourful corals. Dunk Island promises to be a romantic, family, adventure holiday, with its internationally acclaimed beauty, catering to visitors of all tastes.

Elders can enjoy peace of mind at the Spa of Peace and Plenty. With a wide array of water sports activities, including parasailing, wake boarding, skydiving, tube rides, kayaking, reef cruises, waterskiing, paddle-skis, fishing charters, Jet Ski tours, snorkelling and catamaran tours, Dunk Island is an adventure lover’s paradise.

Fishing lovers can also go for Dunk Island fishing charters, which will take you to the underwater marine life. You can also get a chance to do sport fishing and catch some fish, like marlin and yellowfin tuna. The best ways to explore the surface of water, enjoy wonderful views of the colourful corals, and watch turtles swim with you is via Coral Sea kayaking.

Other popular recreational activities, including golf, horse riding, tennis, and squash are several other ways you can enjoy in Dunk Island. For more fun and entertainment on a family holiday, you can picnic on the beach and get spectacular views of the beaches and other surrounding islands. Go for a walk to the rainforest to take breathtaking views from Mt Kootaloo summit or even take a paddle board on rent to discover off shore.

To explore other close places of interests, you can go for a day trip through Quick cat or Dunk Island Express Water Taxi, which will prove to be an experience of a lifetime for you. On Dunk Island, your holiday can be as active or as relaxing as you like. With plenty of wedding celebration locations, Dunk Island is an ideal resort to celebrate the most special day in your life! You can choose from among three levels of accommodation on the island, many decked out with en suite, state-of-the-art facilities.

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