Fitzroy Island

An accessible and enjoyable Green Island alternative near Cairns.
The hilly Fitzroy Island is often grouped in with nearby Green Island as one of the two viable island day trip destinations from popular departure point Cairns. Fitzroy Island has a completely different character, however; it’s an actual, physical island as opposed to a coral day, is fairly mountainous, and is a great and less crowded alternative to its neighbour.
About Fitzroy Island

The wondrous Fitzroy Island is located 25km east off Cairns, featuring beautiful coral beaches, open woodlands, tall coconut trees, sturdy mangroves, granite outcrops, lush pristine rain forest, breathtaking natural scenery and diverse landscapes.


Fitzroy Island boasts unspoiled natural beauty and pristine surroundings and safe sheltered waters, which promise to make your holidays to Australia more enjoyable and memorable.

Merely taking a short walk along one of Fitzroy Island’s spotless beaches will quickly allow yourself to be mesmerised by the iconic coral beaches on the mesmerizing island. Picture yourself on a pristine white sandy beach, with beautiful coconut trees flanking the spectacular coastline or just take a stroll along the coast to reach the stunning Nude Beach to leave yourself bewitched by the unspoilt beauty.

When you are in Fitzroy Island, you can’t miss the chance to explore the Great Barrier Reef bordering the island, where you are free to explore the underwater marine life, beautiful coral reef and underwater creatures, including a wide variety of tropical fish, Nemo – the clown fish and green sea turtles.

You can also find an abundance of bird life in this picturesque island, which is a must-see sight. If you want to discover an unspoilt tropical paradise, with plenty of interesting activities to do, then plan a day tour to Fitzroy Island. Whether you are looking to relax or seek adventure and thrill, this beautiful island, with picturesque natural surroundings, is ideal for a romantic holiday, a family retreat or a group vacation.

Some of the popular adventure and fun activities you can enjoy on a Fitzroy Island holiday include snorkelling, diving, walking, swimming, boating, hiking trails, fishing, sea kayaking, guided walks, whale watching, scuba diving and bouncing on ocean trampoline. You can also take a glass bottom boat to explore the underwater marine life, including spectacular coral reef villages, which are sure to leave an impression on your mind for years to come!

lso stroll through the National Forest rainforest walking trails to explore the rich flora and fauna and enjoy panoramic views of the island and its surrounding reefs. You can also explore unique species of birds on the Fitzroy Island, such as sulphur-crested cockatoos, ospreys, pied imperial- pigeons, emerald doves, orange-footed scrub fowls, and buff-breasted paradise kingfishes also attracts a lot of visitors here.

While your visit at the island you can also get the opportunity to spot the beautiful blue Ulysses butterfly and red flying foxes are found only in Far North Queensland area. If you wish to enjoy more and stay longer on the beautiful Fitzroy Island, you can camp overnight at campgrounds available at the island, with all the facilities available on site, including picnic tables, toilets, showers and BBQ.

Connect with your inner child while exploring the breathtaking island and discovering the wonders of the sea. If you seek a getaway to revive your senses, plan a holiday to Fitzroy Island, with five distinctly different types of accommodation facilities – which are all a sanctuary of calm and rejuvenation!

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