Heron Island

A lovely, wildlife-rich coral cay off Gladstone's coast.
Heron Island is a fully fledged coral cay draped in a surprisingly diverse amount of vegetation and famed for the birdlife from which it derives its name that sits roughly 80 kilometres off the coast of Gladstone. As part of the Great Barrier Reef’s southern portion, Heron Island is widely regarded as having some of the best island-adjacent reef of any island base in the entire reef network and is perhaps its best overall snorkelling spot.
About Heron Island

This is an island stay where visitors do not have to compromise on reef quality for, unlike some other reef islands – however reaching and staying on Heron Island also requires more time and effort in order to reach its shores.


A natural paradise, Heron Island is situated close to the Tropic of Capricorn in the Great Barrier Reef, north east of Queensland. Heron Island is popular amongst visitors due to its ease of accessibility; you need not take any special boats or charters to experience the breathtaking views of the island. It is well known for its combination of beauty, serenity and grace.

The island is a suitable place for nature lovers. It is also well known for recreational activities, such as swimming, diving and snorkelling. You can enjoy, relax and sunbathe on secluded beaches on the Heron Island, which is blessed with natural treasures, a calm and quiet environment and crystal clear water along picture postcard beaches.

Fall in love with the spectacular coral gardens outlining the coast, colourful small waves striking against the coast and beautiful sea creatures. A world renowned heaven for divers, Heron Island offers you grand options for recreation, such as private beach picnics, semi-submersible cruises and coral reef walks. For an animal lover, Heron Island offers an ideal destination to explore colourful marine life and amazing creatures, including loggerhead turtles, smaller fish and reef sharks.

During winter, you can get a chance to spot a large number of whales passing through the channel between Wistari reef and the coral cay – a sight that will remain etched in your memories for a long time to come!

With 20-25 wonderful dive sites on the majestic reef, Heron Island is world famous for snorkelling, scuba diving, wake boarding, windsurfing, sailing catamarans, paddle skiing and fishing. If you are a bird lover, Heron Island offers an ideal resort to explore a great species of birds.

Wildlife Service and the Queensland National Parks will provide you with a brochure, having complete information on the island’s birds. You can be witness to thousands of birds that migrate to the island for nesting with a change of season.

One of the best family holiday destinations in the Great Barrier Reef, Heron Island, offers you a kid’s club, “Junior Rangers”, where your children can have a great time. The club cares for and entertains children aged 7-12 years. Here, your kids learn a sense of exploration in a fun and educational way.

The island resort has been designed in a way as it seems to be a blend of nature and building. The whole environment is purely natural, as there is no building above the tree line. At Heron Island, there are more than hundred guest rooms, which are available with five stars of accommodation facilities. Heron Island is truly a natural oasis, offering you plenty to of things to enjoy and have fun.

A vacation in Heron Island relieves your from worries and stress and promises to fill your days with enjoyment and adventure all within a peaceful tropical environment.

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