Hinchinbrook Island

A large and densely-forested, water-dissected slice of paradise.
Ideally located east of the Cardwell coast and north of Lucinda, Hinchinbrook Island is surrounded by the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Being Australia’s largest island on the Great Barrier Reef, Hinchinbrook stretches to 37.4 km in length and 10km in width. The island is separated from the mainland by a deep narrow Hinchinbrook Channel.
About Hinchinbrook Island

Like many other islands found in the Great Barrier Reef, Hinchinbrook Island contains abundant flora and fauna, picture perfect sandy beaches and dense mangrove forests making for a diverse topography and aquatic landscape.


Visitors to Hinchinbrook Island can also enjoy bird spotting or hiking in the dazzling rainforest or watch the first rays of the rising sun – a sight that will leave you amazed. If you are a bird lover, feel lucky to be on the island renowned for its abundant bird life. Herons, Sunbirds, Cockatoos, Scrub Hens, Pheasants and Wompoo Pigeons are a treat to watch..

With 11 beautiful sandy beaches, including Macushla, North Shepherd and South Shepherd, Hinchinbrook Island offers you ultimate peace and seclusion for some private moments with your beloved, where you can relax and enjoy complete privacy. If you are an active bushwalker, Hinchinbrook is a must-see destination for you, with outstanding walking opportunities. For a real bush experience, there is a famous 32-km wilderness walking trek, Thorsborne trail.

As the trail numbers are limited, camping is provided in the designated areas. The spectacular Hinchinbrook Island is in perfect, pristine condition, as the island has been selected by the Australian Government for special protection, allowing only a few areas for outside access. There is also a limit on the number of visitors on the island on daily basis.

With mesmerising surroundings and picturesque landscape, Hinchinbrook Island is sure to captivate your senses, offering you a perfect intimate, romantic and fully rejuvenating experience of a tropical island holiday.

You are sure to fall in love this beautiful and diverse region. It is quite simple and affordable to reach the island. You can take a short ride by a ferry from Lucinda or Cardwell or a private charter. Hinchinbrook Island Wilderness Lodge is the superb accommodation with its magnificent and natural surroundings, to stay on the island.

It offers a relaxed atmosphere with all the comforts and benefits to enjoy. From Hinchinbrook Marina port, the Lodge is just a 50 minutes cruise. You can also stay in one of the Island’s hideaway resorts. Hinchinbrook Island Resort offers everything for a romantic and isolated retreat in nature’s paradise.

You will get a warm and friendly welcome. You can choose any of the comfortable Beach Cabins or the Treetop Bungalows with stunning views of the island and the spectacular beach.

Relax in the spacious, graciously decorated, styled and crafted timber Tree House. Relish your meal in the fabulous restaurant and enjoy swimming in the beachside swimming pool. In addition, you may also prefer to look for accommodation in and near both Cardwell and Lucinda.

Hinchinbrook Island in Pictures
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