Lindeman Island

A lovely resort island currently undergoing massive, multi-million dollar redevelopment.
Formerly home to the Whitsundays’ Club Med, Lindeman Island lies towards the southern end of the islands and was recently purchased for redevelopment by a Chinese conglomerate. Featuring a well-established array of facilities and wonderful bushwalks through national park, it’s an island that looks to reclaim some headlines in the near future after having some $600 million invested into improving its offerings.
About Lindeman Island

Note: Lindeman Island is currently subject to plans for a major redevelopment and is set to receive a massive investment of money for its future enhancements; as a result its resort is currently closed to the public with redevelopment expected to finish in 2018.


Watch this space for future updates on Lindeman Island’s developments.


Lindeman Island is part of the southern Great Barrier Reef islands in the Whitsundays group. It is mostly covered by a large National Park with bushwalking tracks intermingled throughout. With over 670 hectares of World Heritage National Park, Lindeman Island is easily accessible by boat.

Lindeman Islands National Park is part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. It is also known as a boating paradise for its tropical weather, deep blue waters and secluded islands to enjoy and explore. Lindeman Island is a perfect destination for nature lovers. It has always been the favourite with families.

The island offers a wide range of sports and activities for travellers of all ages. While elders can enjoy the sophistication and tranquillity of Lindeman Island, kids can be adventurous with sporting activities at the Kids Club. A dreamland for bushwalkers, Lindeman Island boasts over 20km of bushwalking tracks.

Go for some bush walk and amaze yourself with some of the most wonderful hilltop views. You will get an opportunity to discover the different vegetation types when you bushwalk the island. Don’t forget to have yourself clicked amid the striking grass trees. You can enjoy strolling through the Butterfly Valley and capture the breathtaking landscape in your camera.

Climb Mount Oldfield, standing 212 metres above sea level, to experience 360 degree views of Hamilton, Pentecost, Haslewood, Whitsunday and many of the smaller Islands. With seven beautiful beaches to relax and have fun, Lindeman Island is no less than a paradise for holidaymakers looking to enjoy their vacation on a secluded pristine island. You can even go for snorkelling or oystering on Gap Beach. You can see a lot of golden orchids growing on the mangroves along the mesmerising coastline. You can also enjoy your picnic on some of the picnic areas of the island near the beaches.

If you are a bird lover, then feel lucky to be on Lindeman Island, for you can get an opportunity to spot different species of birds darting through the trees around the wetlands. At Lindeman, you can easily spot dolphins playing near the shore at all times of the year. To spot Humpback whales, plan your holiday to Lindeman any time from July to November, which is generally called the whale watching season.

If you want more privacy or a day of personal paradise, you would love to explore the tiny uninhabited islands dotting around Lindeman – located merely a short dinghy ride away. A Natural Paradise, Lindeman Island is easily accessible through light planes and private or commercial boats from Hamilton Island. Always consider the weather and tidal influences when travelling by a private vessel, where only a limited numbers of visitors are allowed to ensure a quality, safe experience for all! The island even boasts its own airfield.

If you plan to camp or picnic on the island, get your permits for camping at Boat Port, located north of Lindeman Island. With a perfect weather for a holiday, Lindeman Island is undoubtedly offers you an ideal get away from it all experience! For the best accommodations, you can visit the Hamilton Island or other nearby islands.

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